Effective Document Management for Education

Organize, locate, and archive your key documents in a safe and efficient system.

Our Mission

Since our founding in 1994, CEO Image Systems has focused on one thing only - utilizing our knowledge and capabilities to enable our clients to transform their records and document content into the digital age. Integrating our software with leading scanning hardware and business applications, we provide a comprehensive solution for our clients. Furthermore we provide responsive in-house technical support.

Save Time, Money, and Floor Space.

Budgets are tight. Schools are asked to do more with less. Filing, storing, retrieving, and archiving documents in a traditional "paper based" system are all labor intensive and administrative tasks whose true costs to the organization are often not fully known.

Improperly filed or lost documents further increase the effective cost of these traditional filing methods.

The CEO Image Executive document management system saves time, money, floor space, and streamlines archiving processes.

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Better Security and Access Control

Documents stored in filing cabinets are susceptible to unauthorized access. It’s difficult to set up access control to specific documents.

Our Image Executive electronic document management system makes it easy to create a secure environment and provide staff members with access to only those documents they need. No more unauthorized access to sensitive documents.

In addition, an access log provides detailed information about who retrieved which documents.

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Disaster Proof Archiving

Traditional paper based document systems are vulnerable to damage from fire, flooding, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. And once the archive has been destroyed, the documents are gone forever.

The electronic document depository in CEO Image Executive is far more secure. Properly maintained and with frequent automatic backups the database is virtually disaster proof. And should a computer system fail, the database can easily be restored using a backup copy.

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