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    Her Boss is Amazed!

    She used to spend hours hunting for documents in
    drawers and folders. With CEO Image Executive, she
    types in a few words and they come to her desk.
    She gets more work done and she smiles a lot more, too.
    Here’s why
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    He Saw the Potential!

    When he discovered that CEO Image Executive would
    work with all his current file formats, integrate with
    other software he used, adapt to his filing system and
    control access to files, he was sold. He still is.
    Learn more
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    He Had a Great Year!

    His costs are down and the workflow’s smoother since
    his company started using CEO Image Executive for
    document management. It even automated some
    routine tasks. It’s not time any more,
    — it’s efficiency that’s money.
    Learn more
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    They Plow Through Paperwork!

    You don’t have to work in an office to need document
    management, but you do need software that's flexible
    enough to work for your kind of business. That’s
    CEO Image Executive. Our tech support team
    helped them go paperless.
    Here’s how
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    They’re Built for Business!

    Fujitsu scanners are muscle machines that scan volumes
    in a flash. Color, duplex documents and varying sizes
    don’t phase them. Plus built-in features to make your
    documents look as good online as they did on paper
    — maybe better.
    Find yours

Image Executive

Versatile and power packed, this document management software works with just about any digital file format. You can identify, file and retrieve documents quickly and securely. Learn more ->


To meet more complex needs and add utility to CEO Image Executive, investigate custom modules like automated design and processing of hand-written forms, bar coding and automated report generation from on-line data.. Learn more ->

Fujitsu Scanners

They’re fast, flexible and reliable. Fujitsu department scanners can churn through up to 80 pages per minute turning documents of many sizes into crisp digital images in color or black and white. Choose the right model for your organization. Learn more ->


From project planning to ongoing technical support, you’ll find knowledgeable problem solvers who listen hard and speak your language. Their job isn’t done until your system runs smoothly and effortlessly. Learn more ->

Document Management and You

You’re already considering how to more effectively organize, locate and distribute your organization’s documents. You know paper records are at risk to disasters like floods and fire. You’re tired of inconsistent filing systems and misfiled records. You want the right people to get the right information whenever and wherever it’s needed. Yes, you’re ready for a document management system, but one size does not fit all. You want the right system for the specific needs of your firm. You’ve come to the right place.


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Illinois Association of School Personnel Administrators (IASPA)
Annual Conference
Lisle, IL
January 29-30, 2015

Louisiana Association of School Board Officials (LASBO)
Spring Conference
Lake Charles, LA
March 17-20, 2015

Jean Gallenson
San Diego USD
Winner of drawing at
PSUG Southwest
Ontario, CA