Our Story

The founders of CEO Image Systems were very familiar with the need for document management systems long before they started the company in 1994. Their basements and record rooms were brimming with boxes of paper. The boxes were labeled by year and the contents were in folders arranged alphabetically. If a folder didn’t fit it was filed somewhere else. Document retrieval was by trial and error. Almost as soon as computers started replacing typewriters in the office, they knew the solution to the problem: computer based document filing systems — documents created or scanned electronically, labeled with all their characteristics and easily searchable and retrievable. That concept was the foundation of CEO Image Systems.

As the company grew and started working with customers across a variety of markets and sectors, it became clear that customized solutions were needed. One size and shape of document management system does not fit all. That remains the CEO Image Systems perspective to this day.

Today, we focus exclusively on providing an efficient, robust, and affordable document management system for the educational market. We thoroughly understand the needs of that market, their requirements and processes.

We think of ourselves as the document management specialists for educational institutions. With top-notch customer service and technical support, we are the chosen vendor for document management systems for a growing number of K-12 schools, colleges and universities across the country.