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CEO Image Systems, a provider of electronic document management solutions to the educational market, has successfully completed and obtained Powerschool Integration Certification within the PowerSchool Partner Badging Program.

This Powerschool Partner Badging Program provides users information about those PowerSchool business partners who have committed to enhancing their products with PowerSchool for an improved user experience.

Powerschool Integration Certification

CEO Image Systems completed an integration verification process and was awarded the following Powerschool Partner badges: Single Sign On, Data Exchange, and Seamless User Experience.

  • Single Sign OnPowerschool Integration Certification - Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO) from PowerSchool to the CEO Image Executive document system – only one login and password to remember for ease of use, saving time and reducing risk of user account lockout.

  • Data ExchangePowerschool Integration Certification - Data Exchange

Data Exchange allows for seamless, secure data exchange between Powerschool and the CEO Image Executive document management system. Read and write-back capabilities for full bi-directional data integration with PowerSchool.

  • User ExperiencePowerschool Integration Certification - Seamless User Experience

Seamless User Experience between Powerschool and CEO Image Executive document management system for intuitive access, ease of use and better productivity.

For more information about the integration of our document management system with PowerSchool, click here.

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