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You have Image Executive – we help you get the most from it

When you become a CEO customer, we want you to be a LONGTIME customer. To make Image Executive a vital part of your office, you need staff who can use it, knowing how to file and retrieve vital records.

Staff turnover happens all the time in offices. People we trained may have moved to other jobs. People may move into new roles that require working knowledge of Image Executive. Brand new people may join your office that need to know how to use the software.

To help customers who have CEO ongoing technical support, we offer no-cost quick-start training for new users and brush-up training for those who need to revisit the key aspects of the system.

If you have a number of people that require training, we can break up the training into smaller sessions that cover specific departments, user roles or preexisting usage of Image Executive. Sessions last 1-2 hours usually and we can work around your calendars.

We want you to rely upon Image Executive as the main archive and repository for all your key documents. If you’re successful, so are we. Having well trained staff maximizes your investment, secures your key records, frees office space by eliminating paper filing cabinets and provides quicker access to your records.

Here’s what we can do to keep you skills sharp

To help keep your CEO skills current, we provide small group or individual refresher and new user training sessions via web sessions. We cover the vital CEO topics in a custom-paced, two-way personal training session last usually from 1 to 2 hours. If you are an existing CEO customer under maintenance support and you have interest in additional training, please contact us here. We will get back shortly to confirm the time and topics to cover.

As an existing CEO user you may also access our CEO support videos here in order to learn more about specific topics. These videos cover common questions in 2-3 minute how-to videos.

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