User Training for your New System

Experience has shown that user training is a huge benefit to new users. This improves the adoption of your new document management system. Our personalized user training is geared to the skills and experience of each individual staff member.

Learning improves when training is given to departmental groups with similar system access and tasks. We’ll work with your organization to develop group instruction sessions, designed for specific departments. This enhances the learning experience for staff members.

The sooner your document management system is working smoothly and efficiently, the quicker your organization will see the benefits. We offer a number of user training options to choose from:


One of our trainers can provide class-room style instruction to your staff at your location.

Online Demonstrations

A remote instructor can access on-site workstations to demonstrate specific tasks or features to individuals or a small group of users.


Ideal for updates and reviews when users are in multiple locations. Webinars allow interactive dialog between users and instructor via internet video link.

Video Training

Access training videos on the internet for various specific tasks and features. This provides you with the material to learn and review at your own pace and convenience.