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What does CEO Image Systems do?

We are a provider of electronic document management system software to schools, community colleges, and universities. Our document management solution CEO Image Executive is available in a self-hosted and in a cloud version.

Add-ons are available for tasks such as bar code processing, optical character recognition, work flow automation, and for indexing of large reports.

The document management system can be integrated with popular K-12 systems such as PowerSchool. Other integration solutions are being developed.

Finally, we sell the full line of Fujitsu scanners. Fujitsu scanners are considered the best scanners in the industry.

Who are your customers?

Our focus and specialization is serving the educational market, such as K-12 schools, special ed programs, colleges and universities. We have a well-proven track record of more than 20 years creating solutions that meet the regulatory, security and long term archiving requirements for schools.

Our document management system being used by a growing number of schools, colleges and universities across the US.

Where does the CEO Image Executive system run, on-premise or on the cloud?

The CEO Image Executive software can be installed on your own servers (on-premise) or it can be provided as a cloud solution.

Are there limits to the number of documents I can store?

There is no limit to the number of documents you can store. Our CEO Image Executive document management system can store and  provide quick access to millions of your organization's documents.

There are many other vendors like you out there. Why pick CEO Image Systems?

We focus exclusively on the educational market. As a result, we are very familiar with the document management challenges schools face, their specific documents, processes, and storage requirements. The CEO Image Executive software has been designed and developed based on that knowledge.

Other vendors usually pursue many different markets and are not experts in any of them. Their systems often require customization before they can be used.

In addition, we are known for our top-notch customer service and user training. We work closely with school administrators, IT management, and staff members to ensure that the implementation is successful.

It’s not discovering and tailoring a solution that ensures successful implementation - it is also having a support team that accessible and responsive. We pride ourselves at being available to you, to walk you through the system and show you how to get things done, whether you are a novice or a longtime power user.

I already scan and store documents on my network drive, so why use a full document management system?

You may have eliminated the paper clutter, but how easily can you look up and find information? How much time do you spend each day finding and retrieving a document? How many times a day do you need to go into your system to find information?

Compare that time you spend searching your local or network directory over time with the saving of having the documents instantly available and you get one compelling reason for having a document management system.

Looking up documents is a snap with CEO Image Executive. You will not have to “drill down” directories to find specific information. In addition, you can control who sees what documents, what users can do with documents, who has looked at what documents, etc. We provide a full audit trail and backup capabilities to assure that your information is safe.

I already have an HR/Finance/Student Records/Misc. system that allows me to scan and attach documents, so why consider CEO Image Executive?

You have made a good first step in scanning your documents but you may be locking yourself into a untenable situation down the road.

The “paperclip” link between your document and the associated student, vendor, employee or account may become corrupt. So you cannot view documents since they’re no longer attached to records.

You cannot easily execute complex searches since one document is tied to one record. You end up spending a lot of time trying to find a series of documents related to a specific student, employee, or vendor.

With the CEO Image Executive document management system you can store these documents separately, yet tightly integrated with your other software system for easy retrieval and viewing.

Are my documents safe and exportable to another document management system?

Absolutely, Image Executive stores your documents in their native format. Any file type can be stored in CEO Image Executive: scanned images, Office documents, photos, videos, sound recordings, whatever. Image Executive does not convert your documents into a proprietary format.

If you wish to move you CEO Image Executive documents to another system, no problem. Your documents can be easily exported to another document management system.

I have many years' worth of documents in another system. Can I import these documents into CEO Image Executive?

We have successfully converted documents from many different document management systems into CEO Image Executive.

Please contact us to discuss your particular situation and requirements. We'll be glad to work with you on importing your documents into CEO Image Executive.

All our documents are stored in filing cabinets, on microfilm, etc. How do I convert them into storage in the CEO Image Executive data base?

There are many companies that can perform this conversion service. Over the years we've worked with various document conversion service providers. We know the ones who do the best work.

Please contact us to discuss your specific situation. We'll happy to refer you to the right document conversion service provider.

What scanning hardware is needed for the CEO Image Executive system?

You may use any existing TWAIN or ISIS compliant scanner, multi-function printer/fax/scanner device or even cell phone to capture documents for the CEO Image Executive system. Anything that can scan a page is a potential input device.

If you are planning to create a large document archive, we recommend installing dedicated business-class scanners at designated workstations to improve productivity. While our software supports all TWAIN or ISIS compliant scanners, we recommend the Fujitsu line of scanners for their reliability, speed and unsurpassed support.