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In education and research, you often collect data from surveys, users, members, applicants, and the like for entry into your computer systems. HP Teleform software is a great tool for converting handwritten forms into electronic data.

While you can provide web based data collection to gather this information, you often find that many in the field don’t have immediate internet access to complete forms on a timely basis. Or they are unwilling or unable to go through the steps needed to complete an online form.

Pen and paper are a very convenient data collection method due to everyone’s familiarity with it. Everyone has filled out forms in the doctor’s office, at the post office, for a school application, for the new credit card, for the service survey, etc. However, getting all that information into the back-end computer system is a challenge. You must transcribe collected data from paper to the computer system. That adds costs, delays data processing, and can create data quality problems if inTeleform converts handwritten survey forms into electronic dataformation is keyed in incorrectly.

HP’s Teleform Converts Handwritten Forms into Electronic Data

Hewlett Packard’s TeleForm software is an ideal solution that gives educational organizations and research institutions the ability to provide paper based forms, applications and surveys to the field. Once completed, the handwritten forms can be scanned, evaluated and verified using 80-90% less time than manual data entry.

TeleForm is a proven solution that has been available for years. Now in version 11, it provides a digital on-ramp that allows you to create and distribute paper forms from which you can quickly and accurately extract data from handwritten text fields and response marks (like filled in ovals or check boxes) into your computer system.

Yes, the world is becoming more digital every day, but there is still a compelling reason for using pen and paper methods for collecting information. Using TeleForm you can collect vast numbers of responses from the field and extract information with high speed, minimal effort and maximum accuracy.

For more information on HP Teleform, click here.

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