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CEO Image Executive is installed at a growing number of satisfied customers across the country. Here are some testimonials to get an impression of their experience working with us:

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I approached CEO Image Systems for assistance.

Lisa helped me through the process. We were able to utilize CEO within a short time. When you work in finance and need to access/view documents at a touch of a button and not fumble through hard copies, you realize how efficient and less time consuming this program is.

Their persistence in solving the issue was greatly appreciated. I would recommend CEO Image Systems to people who need to be more productive and access/view documents/information in an instant.

Kelly Reinhardt Administrative Secretary / Accounts Payable, Montrose Community Schools Montrose, Michigan October 28, 2015

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We love CEO Image Systems for the easy access it gives us to our documents. We no longer need to physically go look in the files, or go to our storage facility when we need a document. It has improved the efficiency of all six of our users. We have multiple electronic departments but we can all reach whatever documents we need, whenever we need them.

We have all of our employee records, including benefits, on the system. We began the paperless implementation process with a planning meeting where we decided how to index our documents. One person came up with the departments and then gathered additional input from the rest of the team.

Now each person does their own scanning. They mark what they have scanned to prevent confusion. All of our current employee documents are on CEO now. We do have a records clerk who worked on getting our current documents caught up and is now working on past documents.

Our return on investment with the CEO system is found within the ability to find our documents quickly. We aren’t saving any space yet because it’s a convoluted process to report to the state what we want to shred. We will tackle that issue down the road.

Our favorite example of the ease and convenience the CEO software provides us is when our board is in closed session. Sometimes, they will request a document that can be found in the files. In the past we would need to note what the Board is looking for, find it in the files, and supply it to them later. Now the Asst. Superintendent for Human Resources can access it immediately while she is in the meeting in another building. That adds efficiency to the board meetings.

We would definitely recommend the CEO software to other Human Resource departments. There is a lot more to the system than what we are using. We can’t imagine how pleased we would be if were to maximize, say, the sharing abilities of the system.

Lauren Kukowski Human Resources Manager, Cicero Public School Distrct 99 Cicero, Illinois April 12, 2016

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Adopting CEO Image Systems has allow us to saving on our operating budget by reducing administrative headcount. The system performance is solid. Customer service is excellent.

Steve Gordon Director of Finance and Human Resources , Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan October 16, 2015

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Compared to other document management software, CEO Image Executive could be customized and offered good value. CEO Image Systems was willing to create a customized workflow to create a document management process tailored to our needs.

Jake Ragusa IT Director, Ascension Parish Donaldsonville, Louisiana October 16, 2015

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My experience with everyone that I've had contact with at CEO has always been a positive one. No one ever makes you feel like you're a bother...it makes a frustrating situation easier to deal with when you have such good support.

Thank you for all that you do.

Tracy D. Administrative Secretary / Accounts Payable, Ionia Intermediate School District Ionia, Michigan February 7, 2017

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CEO Image Systems’ Image Executive software makes it simple to find what you are looking for. Every document is at your fingertips. In Human Resources, we use it for everything…

  • employment verification
  • reference checks
  • loan information requests
  • retirement information for former employees, and more

In Student Records we use it for required student history. We get requests for documents which are quite old but we can still find them quickly. The software saves us time which saves us money. You have quick retrieval of data.

Formerly, when we needed to answer a question, we had to have boxes brought over from the warehouse and the secretaries would spend hours digging in those boxes for the information. It makes our employees and students very happy as we are able to answer their requests quickly. It gives us security and peace of mind. We know we have those documents electronically.

There’s a reason Danville No. 118 has used CEO Image’s software for 15 years. Getting the CEO Image software is just the responsible thing to do. It’s what‘s best for the district, our employees and our students.

Dianna Kirk Human Resources Director, Danville School District No. 118 Danville, Illinois February 17, 2016

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I have worked with CEO Image Systems since 2001. We were thrilled when they guided us in implementing their digital system which solved our 4 biggest problems: storage space, cost savings, security of files and quick retrieval of information.

Human Resources was busting at the seams with files and documents and no more space within the building to expand. Now we have everything digitalized and are able to access data immediately. The cost savings in man-hours and supplies has been more than we expected. Besides the cost savings the retrieval of information and sharing of information is immediate. The system has spread like a wild fire to other departments throughout our district.

What we appreciate most about working with CEO is their spectacular customer service. The service time is very quick. When we have ideas about something new, CEO welcomes new ideas and will try to incorporate suggestions into the next update. Over the years CEO has adapted to our particular needs.

CEO Image Systems has met all of our expectations and then some.

Karen Miller Human Resources, Plymouth Canton Community Schools Plymouth, Michigan December 4, 2015

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CEO Image Systems provided the customization and hands-on customer service we were looking for. Adopting a document management solution allowed us to turn four filing rooms into additional office space. In addition, we now have a streamlined document management process. Customer service is very good.

Omar Beauchamp Former Director of Administrative Computing Support, Shelton State Community College Tuscaloosa, Alabama October 16, 2015

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At Monroe Public Schools we have been using CEO Image Executive software since 2000. We originally started using CEO in our Human Resources office and are continuously working to be paper free. This freedom from paper has given us back our much needed office real estate with the removal of many file cabinets. Over the years we have expanded our use of CEO to include other departments such as our Business Office, utilizing bar code scanning; as well as Fringe Benefits, Workers Comp, Payroll, and Board Records. Our next direction is continued and expansion of use for this software in our Student Record Management.

The ease of having documents available to our administrator has proven to be a great time saving feature. We like the security features which give us the ability to specify which people in which buildings can see which documents. We allow them access to the appropriate departments so they can access that information as they need it. That saves us time and increases productivity across the district. The software has saved the district money in the time it has saved us and in the efficiencies it has created.

Holly Scherer, SPHR Human Resource Specialist, Monroe Public Schools Monroe, Michigan October 31, 2016

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Our records are easily accessible by us and those with whom we frequently share them. We really appreciated CEO’s expertise on how to set up our documents and indices. They strongly encouraged us to talk to and even visit other customers who were already up and running.No one else seems to do that. This software saves us time which is money by improving our productivity. And schools are always looking for ways to save money.

Margaret Malburg Employee Benefits, Business Services, Romeo Community Schools Romeo, Michigan August 11, 2016