Extensive Maintenance

Maintaining a traditional paper based document management system requires storage, fire protection, access control, and climate control.

Tedious Processing

Manually filing and retrieving paper documents takes time that could otherwise be spent doing other productive work.

Space Claim

Archiving documents takes up valuable space that could be dedicated for other purposes.

Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a traditional paper based document management system can cost 13 to 31 times the cost of the paper when including the space for filing cabinet, off-site archival storage, fire protection, climate control, access control, etc.

Manually filing and retrieving paper documents takes time. Research shows that it can cost as much as:

  • $20 to file a document in a folder or filing cabinet
  • $120 to find a misfiled document (if you can find it at all)
  • $220 to reproduce a document that was lost

Filing Costs

Research has shown that on average:

  • It can cost about $25,000 to fill a file cabinet with documents.
  • Once filed, it takes $2,000 per year to maintain and safeguard the information in a single file cabinet archive. This includes the cost for floor space, fire protection, climate control, secure access, and so on.

Looking for and retrieving filed documents is a necessary, yet low value added administrative activity. On average, organizations can see a $14,000 loss of productivity per staff member per year due to the inefficiencies of traditional paper based filing systems.

Manage Smarter Today

Electronic document management has many benefits that will make your life easier. It is the perfect tool for school districts to manage their files. With a streamline process that adapts to the user, you will have a much more pleasant experience when managing documents. See why it is smarter to utilize an electronic document management system such as CEO Image Executive.

Benefits of Image Executive

See for Yourself

If you would like to do a deeper dive to learn about how your organization can save time, space, and money with an efficient electronic document management solution, please contact us for a demonstration.